DW/SM/MG Scroll

Item detailsGenerator
1500Scroll of Poison
1510Scroll of Meteorite
1520Scroll of Lighting
1530Scroll of Fire Ball
1540Scroll of Flame
1550Scroll of Teleport
1560Scroll of Ice
1570Scroll of Twister
1580Scroll of Evil Spirit
1590Scroll of Hellfire
15100Scroll of Power Wave
15110Scroll of Aqua Beam
15120Scroll of Cometfall
15130Scroll of Inferno
15140Scroll of Teleport
15150Scroll of Soul Barrier
15160Scroll of Decay
15170Scroll of Ice Storm
15180Scroll of Nova
15190Scroll of Drain Life
15200Scroll of Chain Lighting
15210Scroll of Electric Surge
15220Scroll of Damage Reflex
15230Scroll of Night
15240Scroll of Sleep
15250Scroll of Magic Speed Up
15260Scroll of Magic Defense Up
15270Scroll of Hemp
15280Horse Power Scroll
15290Duration Scroll
15300Chain Driver Parchment
15310Dark Side Parchment
15320Dragon Lore Parchment
15330Dragon Slayer Parchment
15340Red Armor Ignore Parchment
15350Fitness Parchment
15360Defense Rate Parchment