Much time has passed since the millennia-old Empire of MU lost complete and utter control over the Continent. As the power of Mu's central government continued to wane, feudal lords became engrossed and engaged in inner turmoil over control of the continent, ultimately destroying the foundations of their society. As petty men strived to become powerful, bloody feuds and bitter civil wars ravaged the once beautiful continent and a dark and ominous shadow fell over the land. There is but only one path of hope for the Land of MU to discover the 8 Sealing Stones that have been scattered across the continent. But who will be brave and strong enough to succeed and save MU? MU is a highly involved fantasy RPG, based on the legendary continent of MU, where players can choose to be among one of five character classes and become a daring adventurers in the quest to save the land. Blending fantasy with a medieval setting, MU is a true action-based MMORPG.

Mu Online Help is one of the prime resources for Mu Online server administrators' tools and information. Mu Online players may also find this website useful if they want to get deeper knowledge on their favorite MMORPG.

The information sections on the primary website are:
  • Items - various items, which can be found in the game. Items are grouped by category or by race. They also can be combined in shops with the generator;
  • Characters - all the characters in the game are listed here;
  • Monsters - monsters make the game thrilling to play and they reside in the Monsters section;
  • NPC - or Non Player Characters will guide you through the gameplay;
  • Maps - contains the places you'll visit in the game. The Maps section contains move command generator. Just choose a map and click anywhere on it to get the respective move command for the desired destination;
  • Events - a comprehensive list of events can be found in this section;
  • Skills - a list of player skills;
  • Create Launcher - allows you to create quick and dirty Mu Online launcher;
  • Check Server - Checks if the server port is open;

You can always use the forum to discuss websites features or to promote your server.

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01-01-2016 - Added new maps; Added new items; Added skills