Item detailsGenerator
1200Wing of Fairy
1210Wing of Angel
1220Wing of Satan
1230Wing of Spirit
1240Wing of Soul
1250Wing of Devil
1260Wing of Darkness
1270Orb of Twisting Slash
1280Healing Orb
1290Orb of Great Defense
12100Orb of Greater Damage
12110Orb of Summoning
12120Orb of Rageful Blow
12130Orb of Impale
12140Orb of Great Fortitude
12150Jewel of Chaos
12160Orb of Fire Slash
12170Orb of Penetration
12180Orb of Ice Arrow
12190Orb of Death Stab
12210Scroll of FireBurst
12220Scroll of Summon
12230Scroll of Critical Damage
12240Scroll of Elect Spark
12250Scroll of Sacrifice
12260Jewel of Secret
12261Red Crystal
12262Blue Crystal
12263Darck Crystal
12264Box Of Treasure
12265Box Of Surprise
12300Bundled Jewel of Bless 10
12301Bundled Jewel of Bless 20
12302Bundled Jewel of Bless 30
12310Bundled Jewel of Soul 10
12311Bundled Jewel of Soul 20
12312Bundled Jewel of Soul 30
12320Red Ribbon Box
12330Blue Ribbon Box
12340Green Ribbon Box
12350Scroll of Fire Scream
12360Wings of Storm
12370Wings of Space
12380Wings of Illusion
12390Wings of Hurricane
12400Mantle of Monarch
12410Wing of Misery
12420Wing of Despair
12430Wing of Violent Wind
12440Orb of Explotion
12450Orb of Five Shot
12460Orb of Reduce Dmg Shield
12470Orb of Sword Slash
12480Scroll Of Birds
12490Wing of Illusive
12500Wing of Divine
12510Wing of Angel
12520Wing of Glorius
12530Wing of Dragon Maine
12540Wing of Zephyr
12550Wing of Brow
12560Wing of Flame Illusion
12570Wing of Hell Maine
12580Wing of Invisible
12600Seed of Fire
12610Seed Water
12620Seed Ice
12630Seed Wind
12640Seed Lighting
12650Seed Ground
12700Spear 1
12710Spear 2
12720Spear 3
12730Spear 4
12740Spear 5
121000Seed Spear 1 of Fire
121010Seed Spear 1 of Water
121020Seed Spear 1 of Ice
121030Seed Spear 1 of Wind
121040Seed Spear 1 of Lighting
121050Seed Spear 1 of Ground
121060Seed Spear 2 Fire
121070Seed Spear 2 Water
121080Seed Spear 2 Ice
121090Seed Spear 2 Wind
121100Seed Spear 2 Lighting
121110Seed Spear 2 Ground
121120Seed Spear 3 Fire
121130Seed Spear 3 Water
121140Seed Spear 3 Ice
121150Seed Spear 3 Wind
121160Seed Spear 3 Lighting
121170Seed Spear 3 Ground
121180Seed Spear 4 Fire
121190Seed Spear 4 Water
121200Seed Spear 4 Ice
121210Seed Spear 4 Wind
121220Seed Spear 4 Lighting
121230Seed Spear 4 Ground
121240Seed Spear 5 Fire
121250Seed Spear 5 Water
121260Seed Spear 5 Ice
121270Seed Spear 5 Wind
121280Seed Spear 5 Lighting
121290Seed Spear 5 Ground
121300Small Cape of Lords
121310Small Wings of Curse
121320Small Wings of Elf
121330Small Wings of Heaven
121340Small Wings of Satan
121350Small Cloak of Warrior
121360Jewel of Life Bundle
121370Jewel of Creation Bundle
121380Jewel of Guardian Bundle
121390Gemstone Bundle
121400Jewel of Harmony Bundle
121410Jewel of Chaos Bundle
121420Lower Refining Stone Bundle
121430Higher Refining Stone Bundle
121440Mithril Fragment
121460Elixir Fragment
121480Mithril Fragment Bunch
121490Elixir Fragment Bunch
121500Jewel Combination Frame
121510Spirit Powder
122000Muren's Book of Magic
122010Scroll of Etramu
122020Lorencia Knights' Iron Shield
122030Iron Shield of the Magic
122040Hero Elixir
122050Brave Hero Elixir
122060Gladiator's Dagger
122070Merciless Gladiator's Dagger
122080Kundun's Madness Blade
122090Kundun's Magic Spell Scroll
122100Empire Guardians' Stronghold
122110Ancient Icarus Scroll
122120Arca's Prophecy
122130Antonia's Sword
122140Kundun's Seal Scroll
122210Errtel of Anger
122310Errtel of Blessing
122410Errtel of Integrity
122510Errtel of Divinity
122610Errtel of Gale
122620Cloak of Death
122630Wings of Chaos
122640Wings of Magic
122650Wings of Life
122660Wings of Conqueror
122670Wings of Angel and Devil